The City of Angels with Broken Wings



If you know you know... Welcome to the land where your word is bond until proven otherwise... Truths: Usually you don't see people walking like in New York. We drive. There are tons of freeways. There is a lot of traffic and you have to learn how to navigate so that you don't get stuck on the 10 freeway for six hours. This city is immensely cosmopolitan. We have slums. We have gangs. We have good restaurants. We have many studios such as Disney, Paramount, Nickelodeon, etc. There's smog, but it's just sitting on the horizon, letting you know you're alive. 

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A Members Only Vibe

Cut from a Different Cloth

In a  World of Repetitive name brands & lifestyles, standing out was never our main objective. Never the less, blending into crowds is something we just don't aim to do. We proudly speak for all true Los Angelenos who remain present in L.A. while our city progresses with high volumes of out of towner's moving-in & skyscrapers all around us. 

Thanks for visiting Plata O Plomo online & Remember to keep it real and don't fall short to the fakeness.

-The Plata o Plomo Team

Not Mistaken

Find out why we're more than just a clothing brand company amongst the millions of other brands in L.A. trying to make a name for themselves. Overtime we've seen many brands come, make a name for themselves & reach their peak before fading off slowly. We are not to be mistaken with the rest.